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If you are hurt, you deserve the best and necessary medical attention right away.
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Do’s and Dont’s when you are in a traffic collision:


  • Call police, request a police report
  • Photograph all persons involved including their drivers licenses and insurance cards
  • Photograph all vehicles involved including license plates, the damage, and points of rest of the vehicles
  • Photograph street names, traffic lights and signs
  • Photograph all skid marks
  • Photograph witnesses and obtain their phone numbers and addresses
  • Preserve evidence by photographing your injuries
  • Seek prompt medical attention if you are injured
  • Call Professional Lawyers Group Exclusive Personal Injury (909) 885-8500


  • Don’t admit fault
  • Don’t speak with the other side’s insurance company. They represent the people that hurt you.
  • Don’t give a recorded statement to anyone, especially insurance companies, they will use your own word against you
  • Don’t let your car be towed to their tow yard. Instead get it¬† towed home.